Al Nakheel Center,
Office 208, 6794 Medina Street,
Hamra Dist., Unit #1, Jeddah 23324 - 4667
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 12 669 29 29 | +966 12 643 14 11


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Bounyan is a Jeddah based company with great ambitions to excel and grow in the construction market. In Bounyan, they have a vision to become the preferred supplier in the segments they serve targeting primarily the niche market of the high end residential villas as well as the luxury commercial segment.
So many factors are the basis of the success that BOUNYAN is enjoying today and the reasons for the steady and continuous growth that they have planned for their future. They summarize them here in three points:

1. Professional, respectful and loyal customers.
2. Persistent, young, dynamic and aggressive management.
3. Fresh, energetic, skillful, experienced, reliable and completely dedicated administrative and technical team.

The BOUNYAN family is continuously growing, diversifying into a multinational environment on all levels. In addition to their in-house resources, they have access to a large pool of external professional resources, when needed, through their affiliation with some of the most renowned and most reliable trade specialists in the construction market in KSA.

Furthermore, in order to empower their human resources they have secured a complete set of support equipment and tools to facilitate their jobs and improve on the quality and duration of each process, rendering their performance more effective and efficient.

BOUNYAN is continuously pursuing new opportunities. Every project they were engaged in started as a challenge and ended in a success. This has become and will stay part of their culture.


Their first step into the construction market was in 2004 where they started up a small construction company to cater for small to medium size projects in Lebanon. Very soon they started expanding gradually and in 2006 they succeeded in penetrating the Gulf market through initiating an operation office in Dubai, UAE where they benefited from the professionalism of the industry during the construction boom. Since the beginning they always had their eyes wide open on the Saudi Market. In early 2010, they entered a partnership with a Saudi group under the Foreign Investment laws of the kingdom and BOUNYAN was born.


Bounyan’s vision is far beyond being a construction company.  We are dedicated to become role models in serving the communities and our customers with the best construction quality and skillful engineering support.


To become pioneers and preeminent provider of superior value work in construction services.  We are keen to consistently improve the quality of our end product while meeting aggressive deadlines with outstanding workmanship and top standards of professionalism. We strive to implement a long term relationship with our clients and provide our employees with honest and healthy working environment, as we believe this is the path to succeed in our mission.


Bounyan is committed to provide the communities with the best quality while meeting all the ethical responsibilities toward to health, safety and environment. An honest open relation with our employees based on trust, respect and support of their own success is a core value. We are responsible to ensure integrity in everything we do and to protect the interest of all stakeholders

Our Team

Bounyan’s management team has a diversified rich and unique experience in the Gulf market. At Bounyan they distinguish themselves from the mass market by having a special 100% customer-focused strategy. Their highly specialized and qualified team is geared and trained to execute projects under high customer pressure with very high standards. They extrapolate from their successful experience in executing complex high-end residential and commercial projects in Dubai to bring a new customer-focused construction management system to Saudi that will be available to their clients. They have developed a process as well as the capability and flexibility to accommodate for the tight and dynamic requirements of such sophisticated clients and owners.


Message from Managment

We started BOUNYAN in 2010 in Jeddah with a vision to become the preferred supplier of construction services in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of high-end residential private housing, residential compounds and commercial steel structures. Today, after 4 years of hard work, persistence and commitment, I am very proud to look back and enjoy watching the different successes we achieved.

BOUNYAN started from a very small core team of 6 people and developed to a large team of professionals in different trades across the construction market spectrum. Today the BOUNYAN family includes more than 180 members fully committed to the vision of the company. What we achieved is not only a result of each of BOUNYAN’s member’s efforts and hard work but also a result of the loyalty and appreciation of our clients. We pride ourselves of selecting our clients and building long-term partnership relations with them.

The secret behind our success is embedded in three core principles that we do not debate,  negotiate or deviate from under any circumstances:

  • Honesty: We always say the truth even if it might work against us. We are clear about what we can do and are clearer in doing what we commit to
  • Professionalism: We only do it right or do not do it at all
  • Smile: We will always greet you with a smile and work with a smile

I am extremely excited about the future ahead of us, I still feel and drive this company as if we are a fresh start-up. We have the energy, commitment and momentum to grow even further in the markets we serve and look forward to continuous success.

Sincerely yours,

- Daoud T.Jaber
Executive Manager / Partner

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